About us

We are a full-service digital agency based in Bratislava, helping brands with their online marketing since 2011. We specialise in comprehensive online marketing – strategy, performance campaigns, social networks, brand development and communication. Our team consists of 15 enthusiastic professionals. We stay on the top of all the news and do our job because we take it seriously. In digital we trust.

Our experience includes a broad portfolio of clients, spanning from the most demanding multinational enterprises to ambitious family firms. We always work for our clients with the same energy that we would pour into our own company, which is why we focus on effective solutions utilising innovative ways of promotion.

We are an active member of the Association of Digital and Marketing Agencies in Slovakia and you can find us in specialised publications and at professional lectures. We collaborate with the MullenLowe GGK marketing agency and the PanMedia Western media agency.

Marek Pajtáš
Managing Partner

I focus on company development and strategic activities. When I have a bit of time, I like to go and see the world from the perspective of my bike seat, having a soft spot for cycling paths abroad.

Ladislav Ferenczi
Executive Director

I tirelessly fight the budget; fortunately, I win most of the times. My favourite time of the year is the sailing season: the only thing I need is a sailboat and the high seas.

Andrea Miklová
Client Service Director

As a child, Tetris was my favourite game. That is probably why I like it when everything has its place and works as it should. When I’m not in the office, you’ll find me in the theatre, at concerts or just taking a stroll in the city.

Pavol Lelák
Head of Social Media

I help my clients plan ahead and see more than just the likes and hearts. I am a book lover and a professional rabbit tamer.

Matej Uhler
Head of Digital Media

I am a lifelong lover of skateboarding who found his way to online advertising through his e-shop. Thanks to this, I’m able to look at every campaign from the business perspective.


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